Fuel Student movement

Are you a teen human?  Get at Cobblestone’s YouMin!  FUEL Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM for 9-12 grade and Club Lit, for 6-8 grade is on Sundays during the 10:45 service.  We want you, 6th through 12th graders to grow! We want to move you up to your next level! There’s no time for comfortable.  We want you to grow in faith, wisdom, knowledge and integrity! We want you to be a strong individual for your future and for those around you.  We take you from just BEING, into DOING and using your gifts to glorify God. We all have a purpose, and with God’s Truths we FUEL you for what lies ahead.

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FueL Student MOVEMENT Display

Check what poppin’ at the FUEL display on Sundays, stay up to date & up to the minute by liking the FUEL Student Movement facebook page!


Want to be a YoVol (Youth Volunteer), or want to be involved?  Email or go old fashioned and hit Jeff face to face Sundays at the FUEL display in the atrium.


Email info@cobblestonechurch.com