• Jeremiah George - Teaching Pastor


    Jeremiah was raised in the church. He believed in Jesus and desired to follow Him at an early age. However, for most of his teen years, basketball was an idol. At the age of 17, Jeremiah tore his ACL and had to quit the sport he loved. But it was through that experience that he fully surrendered his life to Jesus. 

    That same year, God started supernaturally leading him to a Bible college in Columbus, Ohio. Soon after moving to Columbus, he met Heather and married her thirteen months later.  They have been on the journey of following Jesus together ever since.

    After praying about how to serve at Cobblestone as a member and receiving Godly counsel from a mentor about it, Jeremiah accepted the call to become an elder. He is the teaching pastor and loves serving and loving the body of believers here at Cobblestone.  His greatest hope is that the people of Cobblestone will become known for their unity and humility, working together to see His kingdom come in and around our people.

  • John Johnson  - Cultivating pastor


    John was the first paid Cobblestone staff member and has served the church for over fifteen years.  His passion and main responsibilities as Cultivating Pastor is serving the disadvantaged, counseling, and the spiritual growth of Elders and Deacons. He and his wife Kay live in St. Clair Township of Butler County and have two grown/married kids, two grandsons and three grandaughters.

  • david bear worship Pastor


    David began as the worship leader in April 2019. As worship leader, he helps plan and make Sundays happen, disciple/love on/shepherd the worship team, and is also ministry leader of connect groups. He also serves as an elder. He and his wife, Katie, have three children Norah, Evelyn and Owen. They live in Oxford. 

  • Stacey Morefield - Office administrator


    Stacey and her family have made Cobblestone home for the past 13 years. Following God's leading, she joined the staff as Cobblestone's office administrator in March of 2020 and has over 20 years of administration experience. Stacey takes care of the church's bookkeeping, communication, and assists in keeping the staff connected and informed. She lives in Okeana with her husband Eric, and two children, Genna and Clay.

  • Caleb King - Youth Ministry Director


    Caleb joined Cobblestone staff in June of 2020 to serve as Youth Ministry Director. He serves in ministry to middle and high school students, provides leadership to the Youth Volunteer Team, and provides parents with support and resources. Caleb holds a Bachelor’s in Theology from Faith Theological Seminary. Caleb and his wife, Lauren, have three wonderful children, Asher, Emerson, and Josiah and reside in Harrison, Ohio.

  • Brittany Anderson - Childcare Director


    Brittany Anderson joined the Cobblestone staff part-time in June of 2021 to direct childcare for infants through 4 years old. Brittany is a full-time dog groomer in Harrison, OH and has a wealth of experience that she uses for training and scheduling volunteers to care for the youngest at Cobblestone. She resides in Brookville, IN.

  • Jessica Drane - Kids Ministry Director


    Jessica joined the Cobblestone staff part-time in February of 2023 to direct kids ministry for kids four years old through fifth grade.  Jessica and her husband, Malcolm have four children, Marshall, Harrison, Anderson, and Emmerson.  They live in Oxford, Ohio.

  • Dave Schlueter - custodian

    Dave serves as part-time custodian at Cobblestone. He lives in Oxford with his wife, Charlotte, and they have three grown children and three grandchildren.


1 TIMOTHY 3:1-7

The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer[a] must be above reproach, the husband of one wife,sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church? He must not be a recent convert, or he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil.Moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders, so that he may not fall into disgrace, into a snare of the devil.

  • Hugh Cradduck circleemail

    Hugh delights to share his testimony about how the Lord has shown up in his circumstance. Raised in Alaska by faithful parents, he became a Christian between 8 and 9 years old. He attended a Southern Baptist church with his family, and it was there that Hugh made his profession of faith through baptism. Years later he served as a deacon in northern Ohio for three consecutive pastors.

    When he first came to Oxford he sought a church family, particularly with his three children in mind. During his first weeks at Cobblestone, the strong biblical sermons caught his attention. After hearing the church’s stance on Biblical eldership, he never considered going anywhere else.

  • BILL GIBBONS circleemail

    Bill attended church with his family during his childhood years but didn’t make a faith commitment to Jesus until college.  He had begun participating in a CRU ministry and volunteering as a drummer in one of their praise bands when he realized he wanted to fully surrender his life to Jesus.  

    When Bill and his wife, Melissa, visited Cobblestone they quickly knew this was the church where God wanted them to serve. During Bill’s early adult years, he had felt God’s calling to eldership. Because he was young, he doubted it would work out, but even Melissa felt that God was calling Bill to a leadership position. After making Cobblestone his home church, he was nominated to be a part of the leadership team that later transitioned into our current elder board.  

    Bill has had the opportunity to serve in several areas at our church: on the tech team, in the kids’ ministry, as a small group leader, and on the prayer team. He also helps his wife direct Cobblestone’s support of the Operation Christmas Child Project. Bill’s greatest hope in the coming months is that our church will be unified like never before, knowing that unity in the church will be a witness to the world.

  • chad harville circleemail

    Chad grew up in a home where God and church were the priority, and he quickly learned the

    rules and expectations of “religion”. As a teenager, Chad had a desire to follow God but just

    “religion” was not enough to keep Jesus on the throne of his heart. His teenage and young

    adult years were continuous cycles of trying to follow Jesus and then following the desires of

    the world. “No one can serve two masters.” - Matthew 6:24.

    It wasn’t until 2006 that Chad had an encounter with God and began to know God, rather

    than religion. Jesus became King and freedom was gained through honestly confessing hidden

    sin and desiring God over everything else. Chad found freedom and life by sitting at the feet of

    Jesus and relying on God rather than striving to make it on his own. “No one can come to me

    unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day.” - John 6:44

    Chad, his wife Nancy, and their four children attended Cobblestone for the first time in the fall

    of 2020. This was during a season when God seemed distant to them and Chad had lost hope in the church as the body of Christ. But Chad was immediately drawn to Cobblestone because of the open and honest pursuit of Jesus, a conviction to seek and follow the Truth of God’s Word, and a desire to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit. God has given Chad renewed hope and love for the Church and he is excited to see how God will move through a people who are in love with Jesus above all else!

  • Andrew Holzworth circleemail

    Andrew began as the youth pastor at Cobblestone in 2007.  Andrew has served as the main speaker on Sunday mornings for many of his 17 years at Cobblestone. He currently co-leads the Prayer Ministry and serves as an elder. He and his wife Anna live in Oxford and have three sons, Abe, Joel, and Noah and a daughter, Grace.

  • RICH JARVI circleemail

    Raised in a moral family and regularly attending church as a child, Rich decided that he would never attend church again once he started college.  But the Lord had other plans.  After encounters with several different Christ-followers on campus, the Holy Spirit touched his heart, and he realized that without Christ he was headed to an eternity separated from God.  The truth from John 1:12 convinced him that he had become a child of God.  

    After college Rich worked construction and volunteered with the Navigators for four years before going on staff with Navs in 1981, the same year he married Lois. 

    Fast forward to 1999, Rich and Lois became charter members of a new church in Oxford: Cobblestone Community.  From the start, he has been part of our leadership team.  When Cobblestone changed its leadership structure to being an elder-led church, he was filled with peace and felt led to contribute as an elder.  Rich has served in many areas over the years - church maintenance, teaching, discipling, groundskeeping, benevolence, small groups, men's ministry, and more.  His greatest desire for Cobblestone is that we will become a church focused on Biblical discipleship, focusing on each person getting closer in their relationship with Christ in a way that they can pass it onto the next generation with confidence.

  • Tim Mohr circleemail

    Growing up in an environment that taught him about God, it was during the end of high school that he began to look at the role God had in his own life. As he continued that pursuit in early adulthood, he met his (now) wife, Ginger, and her family. Her father and brother-in-law served in pastoral ministry at their small church in Cincinnati. God used this time to lovingly lead Tim through his doubts and arrogance to a moment of spiritual surrender in 1996.

    As he grew in his relationship with God, he also began to serve in the church - running the soundboard, volunteering at events, and eventually becoming the youth group leader before being formally ordained in September of 2012.  After a short term mission trip in the summer of 2014, his family accepted the call to serve as full-time missionaries and moved to Nicaragua in 2016.  They returned home one year later and found themselves in a season of feeling out of place because so much had changed in the time they were gone.  

    It was during this season of settling again that friends invited them to visit Cobblestone.  They knew very quickly that this was the church home God was calling them to. After serving in multiple areas of ministry, Tim is the church Treasurer, an elder, and has recently become the administrative pastor. His greatest hope for Cobblestone is Hebrews 12:1 ...that each of us will repent and turn from the sins that easily trip us up and pursue passionately the full lives that Christ has set before us ...that we be filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and be sons and daughters of Christ that are set on loving the Lord with all our hearts, souls, and minds more and more each day.


The Bible gives a clear picture for how the church is to be structured. She has members. We also know some of those members are her leaders, and those leaders, according to the Word of God, are called eldersIf the word “elder” is confusing to you, think of elders as pastors who teach, lead, model and pray for their church.