A ministry for discovering christ's freedom for believers

“If people knew how to get out of bondage, they would have gotten out a long time ago. Nobody likes living in bondage. But people need a very clear road map out of bondage, and that is what we intend the Steps to Freedom to provide. We have learned the hard way that people don’t know how or what to pray for (see Romans 8:26). Of course the prayers themselves don’t set you free. They are a guide for seeking the Lord who can and will set you free if you respond appropriately by faith and repentance. The Bible assures us that “the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His” (2 Chronicles 16:9).” Freedom In Christ Ministries

Freedom Ministry FAQs

    • Are our people struggling to live in an intimate relationship with God? 
    • Are our people enslaved to lust?
    • Are our people holding bitterness and are they held captive by anger?

    If the answer to any of these is 'yes', then a Freedom Ministry is necessary.

    1. We use"Steps to Freedom" by Freedom in Christ Ministries as a framework.

      1. Walk through practical steps with a team of people.

      2. Repent and renounce those things that don’t match the truth of Christ.

    1. Walk through scripture while trusting the Holy Spirit to pinpoint areas where freedom is needed.

    1. Minister like Jesus.

      1. Each person is different and Jesus ministered to them as they had need.

      2. The Word (scripture) and Holy Spirit converge to break the chains of bondage in one's life.

  • 1. Counterfeit vs Real

    2. Deception vs Truth

    3. Bitterness vs Forgiveness

    4. Rebellion vs Submission

    5. Pride vs Humility

    6. Bondage vs Freedom

    7. Curses vs Blessings

Step 1 - Schedule an appointment

If you are feeling led by God to find freedom in Him, go to our appointment scheduling page. You will be asked what days and time you are available for a 3-hour appointment with team members from our Freedom Ministry.

Schedule an appointment

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