On Sunday, September 29th, we are going to go BE the Church.  DO NOT go to church on this Sunday.  Pray and ask God what He would have you do to BE the Church.  If you need ideas, we have some below.  If you need resources, let us know.

Need ideas?

  • Invite nonbelievers over for breakfast.
  • Go pray for people
  • Pay for someone's groceries, gas, or food at a restaurant
  • Go share the Gospel with a neighbor, relative or on the streets
  • Take donuts to local emergency responders
  • Mow a neighbor's yard
  • Paint an unbeliever's fence
  • Play basketball with a group of nonbelievers
  • Grab a guitar and go sing worship songs in town(make sure it is legal)
  • Go pray for local emergency responders
  • Ask your city/town how you can serve them and tell them why
  • Ask your waiter/waitress how you can pray for them
  • Are you handy?  Offer services for free to a person in need
  • Give money to random people and tell them why
  • Workout with nonbelievers and share the Gospel

Come celebrate with us!

From 4pm to 8pm at church.  Bring yourself and a lawn chair if you like.  Food will be provided.  There will be volleyball, bounce houses, worship, prayer and testimonies.

4:30-6:30 Volleyball

5:30-6:30 Food

6:30-7:30 Worship, Prayer, Testimonies

Everyone and anyone who calls Cobblestone home is welcome. Feel free to invite new friends you meet during "Be the Church". College students, families, any and all.

A-M Salad / Side

N-Z Dessert / Drink

Everyone is welcome