Why Membership Matters

Does it really matter if I’m a member or not? Why do I have to take a class to even become a member? Why do I have to sign anything? People often ask these questions about our membership process, skeptical as to why there seem to be so many “hoops” to jump through. It’s true. We take membership seriously and with a lot of gravity. Committing yourself to a body of believers is weighty. But it’s also wonderful. When Members join, they commit to a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. They are called to a biblical degree of responsibility, service and sacrifice to their brothers and sisters. Our elders and leaders also pledge to assist our members with care, counsel, prayer and teaching.


We call it Cobblestone 101.  Learn everything from vision and beliefs to expectations for membership. The easiest way to find out if Cobblestone is right for you is to take the classes. They last one Saturday morning and are broken up into history, beliefs, and expectations. Email info@cobblestonechurch.com to secure your spot in the next class.


Part of the process is to sit down face to face with an elder of the Church to talk about your life with Jesus, how you came to Cobblestone, and answer any questions you might have.


How do I become a member of Cobblestone?
Cobblestone Community Church is a large and growing spiritual family. We belong to each other, whether we have formally joined the church or not. You can belong to this spiritual family at whatever point you are in your spiritual journey. However, membership in Cobblestone Community Church is both a privilege and responsibility. Our members vote on important decisions like the annual budget, decision to purchase land, etc. 

In addition, membership opens doors to leadership (certain leadership roles are reserved for those who have committed themselves to membership in the church). It is a way of stepping across an important line and saying, “You can count on me and hold me accountable.” It builds relationship; it is a way of saying to others in the church, “I am willing to belong to you.” It is one of the ways we measure our effectiveness as a church; those who commit to membership are helping us become more effective. And it comes with a free pen!

You are eligible to become a member of Cobblestone if you:
-You are a Christ follower.
-You are eighteen years of age or older.
-You have attended Cobblestone for at least three months.
-You have completed Cobblestone 101, an informational class

-Agree with the Cobblestones statement of faith
-You commit to be governed by the rules of the church
-You commit to support the church financially as God enables you.

-You promise to follow Christ by seeking God weekly in worship.

-You will Share your life with others in a small group and serve with your time and talents.