We try our best to be creative and meet deadlines. Project management and organization is the key to that process. Requiring a project request form helps us serve you. Here are a few guidelines for submitting project requests:

• We want to ensure the highest number of people attend your event and try to not schedule multiple events in the same weekend. So please have multiple dates in mind for your event before requesting to use the church.

• We need a project request before we start a new communications project. Ministry leaders are welcome to discuss projects with the Communications team at any time. However, written project requests help us make sure we’re gathering all the right details and assure us that the project we talked about is needed and not just a brainstorming session.

• Project requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the date your ministry needs the communications material or communications needs to begin. More complex projects, particularly those that require us to print or create something using an outside vendor, such as posters, flyers, banners etc. will take longer to produce. We cannot guarantee we will be able to meet your requested deadline without sufficient advance notice.

• Only staff members or ministry directors should submit project requests. Please do not give out the project request form address or have volunteers contact the Communications team directly.

Project requests are just that—requests. We will make every effort to satisfy each one; however, limited space and resources may require us to prioritize at times. When this happens, we’ll do so in accordance with the priority schedule, and we will communicate all decisions to you as quickly as possible.