We are a community-oriented, student-friendly, seeker-aware, outward-focused church located in Oxford, Ohio, the home of Miami University.  What that means is we are a ragtag assorted group of people from all over the place. We have ex-catholics, old baptists, new Christians and people from all over the place.  The students mix with the older generations and the older generations are challenged to pass on what they know to the younger. Our hope is to cling to Jesus, His Word, and to truly strive to be His Church as it's supposed to be.

Till we see him face to face

We will keep striving, praying, serving, and laying our lives down for the sake of the kingdom. We aren't perfect and sometimes we are downright messy. We see it like family. We have babies (they make messes) teenagers (they are moody) and adults (who still need help).  The key is that we aren't done yet. Jesus is at work here and still molding us day by day.